From the first moment I feel the chill in the air that means Summer is over and Autumn is here. To the evenings heralded by a comforting smell of wood smoke in the quiet dusk. All I am really doing is waiting for the first snow of Winter. And while I wait, I love to watch the woodpiles by the chalets and homes in Megeve grow larger and more elaborate, in the sure and certain knowledge they will be used to keep everyone warm and cheery when the snow is finally here.

Printed on finest, lightest silk chiffon, these colours will warm up any complexion and any outfit. Chosen for its lightness and quality, our favourite silk chiffon from Italy manages by some magic to combine translucency with rich colour and detail.  

100% silk chiffon
Made and hand finished in Italy
180 x 100 cm, 71" x 39"
Delicate fabric, dry clean only


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