AYALON - Lined Silk Scarf

Lined Silk Scarf


NEW. Back by popular demand, our Ayalon design has been recreated for winter. Printed on super soft, luxurious silk satin and lined with a light cotton jersey.
Our new double layer construction gives volume and warmth, making this striking design wearable day and night. 
That long drive at the end of the day, when all you want is to get where you're going. This particular day was rainy and cold, and a warm house and home comforts was all I wanted as I battled through the traffic and stormy weather.
This dark, subtle scarf is equally at home dressed edgy with leathers, or sophisticated for the evening. 
100% silk satin, lined with 100% cotton jersey
Made and hand finished in Italy
180 x 75cm, 71" x 39"
Delicate fabric, dry clean only