Luxury Accessory Design - Celia Gould

Are you in need of luxury accessory design to spice up your wardrobe and bring a touch of class to your outfits? Then Celia Gould can help. We offer luxury designer scarves created from the photographs of Celia’s own travels; from Tel Aviv to Italy, our scarves capture a range of emotions and moods from around the globe. Giving a view into the lifestyle only a select few can maintain, these scarfs can transform your wardrobe into something more sleek and stylish.

Blending in with the norm at weddings and social events will be a thing of the past when wearing a Celia Gould scarf. Impress both friends and family alike by adding more depth into your choice of clothing and adding a necessary accessory. The scarf is definitely an underrated piece of clothing and as Leslie Bibb once said; “There is something stagnant about having things you don’t use or wear. But shoes are my thing. Shoes and scarves, I’m a big fan of the scarf.”


The Benefits of Luxury Accessory Design

From vibrant greens and blues to earthy browns, greys and white, we have a scarf to match your every outfit. With this range of colour you can wear a Celia Gould scarf for every season and with winter fast approaching, it’s a great way to keep warm and look great at the same time! We have stockists based in Tel Aviv, Hillsborough and Milan, so that you can purchase a scarf online from wherever you may be. Using only the finest silk available to us, you can be assured we offer quality and consistency with our scarves.

Follow the fashion icons of today by wearing a luxury silk scarf from Celia Gould. We really must encourage the purchase of a silk scarf today to keep up with the current trends, and it’s even better with winter just around the corner!

View our full range of luxury silk scarves on our product page. Visit the site regularly to see any new additions to the Celia Gould collection, and check out our blog page to stay up to date with what Celia’s doing next!


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