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At Celia Gould we sell luxury printed silk scarves to those with an eye for fashion and a taste for travel. Celia herself has created each individual scarf with an image from her travels and expert photography work. From Israel to Italy, her travels take her to each corner of the earth. Each photograph has been made to capture the essence of each location and in doing so gives an insight into a lifestyle that only a select few can maintain.

Each individual scarf is made from a variety of different photographs, so there’s a sense of differentiation between all of our designer items. From vibrant greens and yellows to earthy browns and greys, we have a scarf to suite your every need. We have stockists based in Tel Aviv, Hillsborough and Milan, with our reach is on an international scale. Reaching the fashion capitals of the world, we use only the finest silk for our products. You can be assured the product you receive is of a high quality of standard.


Luxury Printed Silk Scarves - The Demand

Our luxury scarves will help you to stand out at any event and impress both friends and family alike, showing them that you’re both worldly and with a good fashion sense. Occasions like birthdays, weddings and business events are the perfect place for a Celia Gould scarf, as this is essential to any designer outfit. As Bridgit Mendler once said, “In terms of fashion, I love adding a fun scarf to whatever I’m wearing – it’s a great way to dress up a plain outfit!”

Follow the fashion icons of today by wearing a luxury silk scarf from Celia Gould. We have been featured in many articles including Womenswear Buyer (WWB) in June of last. We really must encourage the purchase of a silk scarf today to keep up with the current trends, and it’s even better with winter just around the corner!

View our full range of luxury silk scarves on our product page. Visit the site regularly to see any new additions to the Celia Gould collection, and check out our blog page to stay up to date with what Celia’s doing next!


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