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In terms of fashion, the womens designer silk scarf is possibly one of the most underrated pieces of clothing on the market. It can give a bespoke look to any outfit and represent your personal feelings and taste into your fashion. At Celia Gould we offer women’s designer silk scarves created from the photographs of Celia’s own travels, capturing the mood and essence of each individual exploration. These unique products give an insight as to what Celia’s own life looks like, and rejuvenates those who cannot themselves implement this.

 Celia travels the world taking photographs of different areas that include different weather, colour schemes and living style so that a strong message is created behind each photograph. With the vibrant colours of the Blues and Golds silk scarf and the earthy colours of the Italian Meadow, we have a scarf for any and all occasions. We have stockists based in Tel Aviv, Hillsborough and Milan, catering to all through our online e-commerce website.

 You can stand out from the crowd with a Celia Gould designer scarf, adding a touch of class to any outfit you wear. Impress friends and family alike with any one of our scarves, perfect for venues like weddings, work events and high class parties. Having a range of different coloured scarves, you can pick and choose a scarf for your every outfit!


Womens Designer Silk Scarves - Press

 Follow the latest fashion trends of today by wearing a luxury silk scarf from Celia Gould. We have been featured in many press releases including Womenswear Buyer (WWB) in June 2016. We aim to further our growth through the fashion industry as the silk scarf is widely regarded as the leading fashion accessory of 2016, and is expecting to continue this trend into the future.

 View our full range of luxury silk scarves on our product page. Visit the site regularly to see any new additions to the Celia Gould collection, and check out our blog page to stay up to date with what Celia’s doing next!


womens designer silk scarves