So clearly this is the most obvious thing to many people. I'm sure for lots of you the shops have been full of Christmas decorations and gift sets for months. But it's taken a heavy duty week of Christmas (and Hanukkah!) parties here at the Residence to really start to get that Christmassy feeling. But now the feeling has begun it has rapidly snowballed! Christmas cards have arrived (all in one go, in the Diplomatic Bag), two cakes have been iced (one since eaten), mince pies made (with mincemeat kindly brought over by my husband from his last trip to the UK), trees decorated. Then today, my husband and I went with a visiting dear American friend to see Herodium, near Bethlehem. And as we passed the street signs to Bethlehem and drove past Beit Sahour (the site of the actual 'Shepherds Field'), I realised that this is the most Christmassy thing we could be doing today!


Merry Christmas everyone! Have a wonderful time.