How to Tie a Twisted Headband.

1. Fold.

Fold your scarf into a triangle. Then continue folding the scarf over until you've created a long, thin band. If you're using a rectangular scarf, you'll also want to make a thin band, but by folding the scarf lengthwise until you have a long strip.


2. Wrap.

Wrap the folded scarf around the back of your head, holding the ends out in front. Make sure you have it centered by checking that the ends come out to be the same length.


3. Twist.

Bring the ends together so they cross at the top of your head. Give it a twist so the 2 ends latch together and then wrap around toward the back of your head.


4. Tie.

Tie a single knot to secure and tuck the ends in. Voila! A perfectly tied headscarf and a fun, stylish look you can wear all summer long.



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