Scarf personality: What does your say? Part 2

Welcome back to our analysis on the personality behind the scarf and what your scarf choice says about you. Whether you want a more positive outlook on life or just convey yourself as a more confident person, we’re here to guide you to clarification on what must be done regarding clothing and design choice. 


A lady dressed in pink is the epitome of femininity and beauty, and her dainty nature is reflected in her style. Her charming attitude can put a smile on anyone’s face and leaves everyone she encounters with a warm feeling of happiness. The pink lady is the queen of loyalty and innocence, making her the go-to gal for long, heartfelt talks. A pink scarf shows all of these traits, and lets you subtly stand out from the general crowd.


Like a scoop of sorbet, a lime cladded lady is both smooth and oh-so-sweet. She’s strong-willed, enthusiastic, and goal-oriented, making her the perfect person to host a party or be the team leader. She gives off calming vibes that boast good health, tranquillity, and renewal that’s almost addictive to be around. She’s a breath of fresh air to everyone she meets and inspires others to shoot for the stars and reach their dreams.

This year the silk scarf has widely dominated the scarf industry, with a large increase in demand being shown worldwide. This is because people are following in the footsteps of iconic fashion icons who have also largely accepted that high quality silk scarves are the must have accessory at the moment. Do you want to fall behind in the fashion market, or stay current and match the celebrities?

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