There can be no doubt that the seasons are changing. Back in London, my friends tell me that they are wearing coats to work and seeking to rediscover their Winter wardrobe. Autumn is truly one of my favourite seasons. But my idea of Autumn has been revealed to me as very British, full of cool mornings, changing colours, wood smoke and crunchy leaves. Today I was fortunate enough to be at the U.S. Ambassador's Residence for an event to welcome newcomers to the country. Although it was 30 degrees and humid, the signs of Autumn could be seen and felt in the changing flora and fauna. In particular there has been a dramatic increase in the appearance in the trees, and in the shops, of the mysterious and intriguing pomegranate fruit. Despite a lifetime of Autumn bonfires and chilly mornings, I'm sure that from now on these wonderful fruits will be just as significant to me in marking the change of the season.