Last night we slept under the stars! This is not something I can often write. This is our fourth and final Sukkot in Israel and we decided it was time for us to sleep in our Sukkah. So after bidding goodbye to our dinner guests and goodnight to our visiting delegation (who sensibly were not braving a night outside), we headed down to our garden tabernacle and settled down to sleep. We could see the stars and the air was sweet and still - it really was heaven. Until 4.30 this morning when we woke to a noticeable breeze and the first drops of rain. We gathered our pillows and sheets and went running into the house, and in no time we were sitting safely inside while a violent storm raged overhead. Part of me would like to say that this proves that the best place for me is inside in a comfy, warm, dry bed. While another, bigger part of me is intrigued by how much I loved to be outside sleeping under the stars.